Summer has turn glorious and I procrastinate from working on Draft 5 by ducking out to the garden. I’m reading Wayson Choy’s Not Yet; a Memoir of Living and Almost Dying: so very good! I heard him speak this week: mystical.









Links for writers …

On Writing & Publishing, & Everything In-Between. My very own Flipboard magazine. A popular article this week was:

How Publishers Make Decisions About What to Publish: The Book P&L. This article is by Jane Friedman, who knows the business inside and out.

Links for flâneurs through history …

Medical Advice About Bathing in 1813

Medical recipes in the 18th century

Greengrocer, the ca 1819 James Pollard







Dining in July 1815









The Diaries of Miss Fanny Chapman. Delicious!

Links for Napoleonistas …

Napoleon’s escape ship found off Cape York

Links for all us Procrastinators … 

Structured Procrastination: Do Less, Deceive Yourself, And Succeed Long-Term.

Links for self-publishers … 

4 Ways to Create an ePub eBook

Demystifying Keywords, Categories, and Themes for Amazon Indie Authors

Have a great week!