The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters

I’m liking this book more and more as it gets into the nuts and bolts of the writing life. Here is a quote I especially liked:

“Once I have an outline that goes all the way through, I’ll start getting anxious and ready to start. But I try to delay the writing as long as I possibly can because the more you solve before you start writing, the easier it is to have that free and automatic writing experience …” [Nicholas Kazan, page 53]

I’m a sucker for descriptions of working environments, and this one is the most ideal I’ve every heard of:

I have a zero-gravity chair, so I write completely relaxed in an almost horizontal position. My chair is positioned so that when I look out the window I can see down a canyon to the ocean. I write directly into a laptop computer that sits on a portable desk positioned perfectly over me. [Amy Holden Jones, page 58]

Heaven, eh?