In my November newsletter, I announced that a television drama series based on the Josephine B. Trilogy was in the works, inviting readers to play “The Casting Game.” They responded with great suggestions!

Johnny Depp

Nancy Russell suggested Johnny Depp for Napoleon. Sister-out-law Wendy Milne said that a number of women would be happy if Depp played Napoleon, and according to Lee LaFont, he is short enough.

Nancy Russell also suggested Angelina Jolie for Josephine.

Angelina Jolie

Paul Headrick suggested I use pull to get the role of Josephine myself. (I’m told that “Snerk!” is not a word, but I bet you know what I mean.)

Fran Murphy suggested “smoldering beauty” Sophie LaFont as Josephine. (Sophie, I can feel you blushing and smoldering from here!)

Brad Pitt

Marnie Mackay suggested Brad Pitt and felt that Johnny Depp was a bit too cute. Brad can do anything, she notes, and he might also be short.

Jordy Lievers

Sue Lievers would like to see her daughter Jordy as Josephine.
Jordy, an actor, studied French for six years and lived in Paris.

David Strathairn

Interior designer Bonnie Sachs suggested that David Straithern would make a wonderful Napoleon (unless he’s too old, she noted).

Jessica Chastain

Novelist Roberta Rich suggests Jessica Chastain (above) for Josephine, but conceded that Napoleon was more of a challenge. (Yes!)

Thomas Hardy

Another novelist, Lauren Davis, suggests Thomas Hardy (above) for Napoleon.

Patrick Dempsey 2

Debbie Pollock’s picks for Napoleon are Brad Pitt (Brad again!), Mark Ruffalo, Chris Pine, Josh Duhamel, Patrick Dempsey, John Stamos and Eric Bana—with Patrick Dempsey the favourite (above).

Kate Winslet

For Josephine, she suggests Emily Blunt, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Winslet, Julia Stiles, Hilary Swank and Natalie Portman, with favour going to the ever-graceful Kate Winslet (above), a suggestion son Chet Gulland seconds.

Toni Colette

Soon-to-be-son-in-law Bruce Sudds suggests the great character actor Toni Colette for Josephine (such eyes!), and another great actor Ed Norton for Napoleon (below). Thumbs up from Chet on that one too.

Ed Norton

Victoria Sorenson (shown below, before attending a ball at Versailles) is a direct descendent of Josephine. She has had wide theatrical experience and would love a chance to audition for a role.


Ivy in Germany  would like to see Astrid Berges-Frisbey as the young, grown-up Hortense (a lovely suggestion, I think) …

Astrid Berges-Frisbey

and could very well imagine Olivia Williams (below) as “late” Joséphine.

Olivia Williams

Marie suggests either Marion Cotillard or Charlize Theron for Josephine (below) …

Marion Cotillard

Charlize Theron

and Joe Pesci or Javier Bardem (who is 5’7″) as Napoleon.

Joe Pesci

Javier Bardem

Stephen Solomans has cast Kevin Spacey and maybe Giovanni Ribisi as the younger Napoleon. (I am struck by how much alike they look.)

Kevin Spacey

Giovanni Ribisi

Helena Bonham Carter

Joanne Zomers feels that Helena Bonham Carter (above) would make a fine Josephine. “And how about the producer Kelsey Grammer as Napoleon?”

Kelsy Grammer

Now there’s a thought!