Messy Book Stack 04 AUG 2010 See MASONS Story MNDOOR To the untrained eye it appears this house is hiding some dark secrets behind its doors, thanks to the latest designer decorating craze. Imagine a home which has doorways which lead into a Parisian stairway, a column-lined corridor, an escalator and even a dark and winding staircase. In fact, these stunning Trompe l’oeil doors are simple fabric designs which deceive the eye into thinking there is a 3D scene behind the door by using ultra-high quality images. Other real-life designs include a messy stack of books, a shuttered French shop front and an empty wardrobe complete with hangers. The £125 fabric posters can be adjusted with a pair of scissors and cut to fit any sized door with any regular paper glue. The highly durable and washable images are the latest interior design craze created by Christophe Koziel for Couture Deco.