Yesterday I dipped a toe into the pond of despond on agreeing to have bookplates and bookmarks printed for what seemed an exorbitant price.

Each bookplate, for example, cost me just under 40 cents—this for a book from which I likely won’t earn more than 50 cents. Add in the price of the art, the design time, the postage, the envelope, and I’m running at a loss. Any business-minded person would disapprove. But when did books ever have anything to do with business?

Later that night I read about the promotion Guy Kawasaki did for his now best-selling book, Enchantment: The Arts of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions.  It made me feel like an amateur. Here’s the article: HOW TO: Launch Any Product Using Social Media by Guy Kawasaki.

Now I’m amazed to have spent so little.

Plus, here they are—and they are so pretty.

I’m pleased. Please let me know if you want a set. It will be a thrill to send them off.

I think the first reader to get them will the woman in Austria who sent me a lovely poem by Emily Dickinson in her request.

The value of this profession can’t be put on a spreadsheet.

Even so, I’m going to continue to try to figure out a way to make bookplates more reasonably. If you know where I could buy individual self-adhesive labels (about 3×4″), do let me know. The label companies now only seem to sell labels in big sheets, which doesn’t work when sending a single label to a reader.