t’s the day after the San Miguel writers’ conference week-end and my brain is buzzing. So stimulating! My own workshop on Net promotion for writers went very well. I’m thinking of making the information available on-line … but first, first …

First I have to give some thought to my PEN lecture tomorrow afternoon. I need to have a look at my usual talk, revise it for the occasion, and incorporate some of the things I learned at the conference.

And then: practice, practice, practice. My gown is ironed and ready to go. I checked it: I can still get into it—but barely!

And then, quickly, before it all slips away, I need to organize my Conference notes.

Wednesday, the day after the PEN lecture, will be the first day of a two month “free period”: time to settle into normal life. Time to get at the plot of The Next Novel.

(Photo credit: James Brylowski)