This Goodreads list of historical fiction being published next year is illuminating. I’m looking forward to new Sarah Waters and Emma Donoghue novels, as well as a number of others.

What’s interesting about the list is that Goodreads readers have weighed in on which novels they are most looking forward to reading.


I’m  hugely pleased that my virtual author friend M.J. Rose’s next novel, THE COLLECTOR OF DYING BREATHS (great title, beautiful cover), is number one on the list!

I’m also quite pleased that THE SHADOW QUEEN is now at #23. Yay!

I would also, of course, be extra pleased if you cast a vote for it. (In fact, in terms of voting, go nuts: you can vote for 100 books.)

Feel free to sprinkle stars all around as well, and add books to your “To Read” shelf. You would be surprised how important this is to publishers.