The most rewarding part of being published is — by far — contact with readers.

This is not at all what I expected during all of that decade I worked in isolation, writing what was to become The Josephine B. Trilogy. I didn’t expect to ever be published, much less read. 

Yesterday, I had the most delightful of proofs, once again, of how wonderful readers can be. 

I was invited to join a very special book club in Ottawa — special because they have named themselves the Glories after Josephine B.’s very lively circle of close friends in Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe.

(A cautionary warning to other clubs: they claim exclusivity on this name!) 

They are also foodies, and have a tradition of sumptuous meals, which I had the very great pleasure of experiencing at the courtly home of Jean and Suzanne Carr in Ottawa.

To begin with, a gorgeous table setting:

After a champagne toast by Anne (which made me weep), her exquisite squash soup …

followed by a delicious warm cheese salad (à la française, bien sur) by Suzanne …

followed, in turn, by a sinfully creamy dessert by Josiane,

and the most amazing truffles by Cynthia.

After hours of lively talk of books, magic, horses and writing, I reluctantly had to part …

… sent away with gifts of lovely French soaps and a box of Cynthia’s truffles.


How does one say “to die for” in French?

Merci, mes amis, for an unforgettable book club meet.