I absolutely loved Elizabeth Stout‘s novel Olive Kitteridge, so I especially enjoyed this in-depth interview with the author in “The Washington Post.” For example:

“By 1994, she had published a number of stories, but she had also begun to have a distressing feeling that “something wasn’t happening” in her wor —that she was “holding back on telling truths.”

“She wasn’t sure exactly what these were. So she signed up for a stand-up comedy class to find out.

Don’t you just love that? Read the article—and better yet, read the book. She’s an astonishing writer.

I treated myself to the article after finishing a 1500-word day. At last, I’ve finished a massive duel scene. I’ve a busy week this week—we’re going to Toronto tomorrow—and I’m a little anxious about loosing ground. I’m going to try to work in 100-word-day minimums, just to keep stirring the pot.

Where I’m at: page 157, 48,277 words. My weight is gaining as well, alas.