Whew! The 3rd draft was “sent” this morning to my agent. (Four days before I promised it: yay!) I won’t hear back for three weeks, so I’ll postpone my fretting for a week or so.

I’ve been promising a word about the title, which is presently, ta da

(Drum roll please.)

Keeper of the Secrets

It’s hard to know if it will stick. I hope so.

When I put titles up for feedback in my last newsletter, here’s what I heard back:

1. Keeper of the Secrets was indeed the run-away favourite. I personally like Keeper of the Secrets quite a bit because it ties in with both the worlds of the theatre and court. In the world of the theatre, “Keeper of the Secrets” is the title of the person in charge of the special effects (and who is thus also suspected of witchcraft). As the suivante to Madame de Montespan, my heroine becomes the go-between between Athénaïs and Madame Voisin, the sorcerer, and thus becomes keeper of real secrets. She gives birth to a daughter by the King; and that, too, becomes a secret.

A possible problem with Keeper of the Secrets is that there may be too many books published with similar titles.

2. The Arts of Fascination came in 2nd: nobody disliked it, but few chose it as their #1 favourite.

3. The Travesty Player got similar reaction, but with some negativity.

4. A number of people liked the title The Beginning of Magic, but quite a few did not. My daughter’s boyfriend suggested The Origin of Magic, which rather intrigued me—it’s an excellent title—but the novel is not enough about magic.

And so: what do you think?

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