This is just a quick post to 1) apologize for being so long between posts, and 2) to observe that “write the book” wrecks havoc with a To-Do-List. Everything gets pushed off the list until “after”—and that after can be a Very Long Time.

I’m closing in on the final second draft (officially draft 2.3). Soon I’ll send it off to one of the editors I work with—the amazing Dan Smetanka—and then I’ll dive into all the other things on my To Do List, which includes: organizing a research trip to France in May, getting my Facebook readers going on the Google Lit Trip project again, and trying to get out a newsletter.

All this in addition to the not-so-minor task of closing up my Mexico office and moving it up north! I’ve over two weeks, but I’m already suffering book anxiety: which to take back, which to leave behind.

But first: the final, final, final changes to Draft 2.3…

Note: the illustration above is from the New York Public Library, as posted on Of Goose Quills, Gloves, and Writing Booths—“A Succinct Survey of Authors’ Accessories and Accoutrements”—on one of my favorite blogs, A Journey Round My Skull.