My son Chet, who lives in The Net, sends me links that I invariably find either amusing or enlightening. Yesterday’s was tremendously amusing, and for my horsey readers, truly, you must check out this article on coiffed horses. []

Today’s link was “A Woman’s Work”—a New York Times interview with Joyce Carol Oates that’s well worth reading. []

A sample:

Why do you find violence so alluring as a literary subject?

If you’re going to spend the next year of your life writing, you would probably rather write “Moby Dick” than a little household mystery with cat detectives. I consider tragedy the highest form of art.

Which really makes me suspect that my own work falls somewhere between coiffed horses and tragedy. (See my first Guest Blog on the Blog Tour: “Why I love unhappy endings.”)

Perhaps, to the horses, the tragedy is being coiffed, but frankly, I think they’re finding it greatly amusing.

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