Transitions are hard to write, and even harder (for me) to make. Packing up to move back to Canada from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is never easy. Packing up an office, sorting my books, deciding: what goes back with me, what stays. This is always wrenching: because of luggage restrictions, I invariably have to leave more books behind than I want.

It’s a space (and town, and country) I love—but most of all I love a steady, daily routine, which is especially important to a writer, I think.

The transition this year was especially fraught because my husband had had surgery less than three weeks before, and, only days before we left, there were the alarming concerns about Swine Flu. It seemed we were being dealt one curve ball after another.

I’m happy to report that the trip went remarkably smoothly: we’re now back in Toronto, where we’ll be for two months, going back and forth to our home in the north. (More transitions!) Nonetheless, it’s exhausting, and I’m relieved that a reading which was scheduled for the day after we arrived was reschedule for the end of May. I must remember this in the future: migrating birds need to rest!

Meanwhile, the Blog Tour carries on: I’m pleased with the reviews that are coming in. (See links at left.) Today I need to think about my Toronto To Do list. While here I intend to take advantage of the libraries, for research.