I’m at home (ahhhh) and unpacking, making lists—lists and lists and lists. First item: do not get overwhelmed!

I did fairly well with all that moving: I left behind four things.

One, my wireless mouse. Too bad, but at least it’s replaceable.

Two, my Body Shop face cleanser, which I learned I can travel without.

Three and four, books I was reading and very much enjoying. The first, Conceit by Mary Novik, has been generously resent to me compliments of the author. Thank you, Mary! It’s a story told from the point-of-view of John Donne‘s daughter, every sentence a joy, and I’m eager to dive back into it.

The other book lost was Ghostwalk by UK writer Rebecca Stott—another stunning historical novel—which I left on the airplane on the very last leg of this long journey. I’m upset by this loss! This book was signed to me by Rebecca, with whom I read in Kansas City—is not replaceable. So, I add to the top of the list: see if I can track it down.

And, also on the list: prepare to have my MacBook Pro replaced. Apple has seen the light.