This is an amazing book campaign:

Dream on!

I’m back from the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts in Sechelt, British Columbia—an amazing festival in a gorgeous part of the world. I flew in and out by seaplane, which added to the charm. 

Now I’m headlong into preparation for a trip to France in only two weeks, to be interviewed for a documentary about Josephine. I’ve begun proofreading the files for the digital edition of the Trilogy, which is an excellent way to get back into Josephine’s world. It has been well over a decade.

It’s strange to be reading my own work: I’ve forgotten so much. Of course I can’t help but change things here and there; the nice thing is that it’s so easy to do. I am my own editor/publisher in this instance.

I confess that I’m very much enjoying reading the Trilogy. What a life Josephine had.