I sent out a newsletter this morning and was taken aback to discover that the lion’s share of the clicks went to this blog. I wasn’t sure that my house was in order.

Truth is, my house is in profound disorder! Having a book published is rather like having a baby – suddenly there is so much to do, and so little time. Suddenly there are waves of emotions and cherished moments with so many readers.

Once upon a time (surely I should begin a book that way one day), a German fan posted a review to Amazon in Germany. Through the wonders of the internet, I could have it translated. Basically what I learned was that she was chained to her chair and experiencing reading my book with voltage.

Once I got past the fear that she had electrocuted herself, once I understood that what she had said, in her native language, was that she was enraptured, I began to see the term “with voltage” not as a mistranslation, but as the true thing. The ideal reading experience is one that happens “with voltage.” And writing, as well.

And now, meeting the readers, I see it as yet another form of voltage. Writing a novel is an intimate act; reading a novel is likewise intimate. There is a very special connection between the writer and the reader – and meeting with readers this week and hearing of their profound connection to something I had created: this, surely, is voltage.

Image from BibliOdyssey.