The Birdcage

I’ve been feeling challenged this week: deadline approaching plus website problems. If only I could ignore it, but I can’t: I love it too much. Plus: it’s important.

In short: my site was moved to WordPress, which I love, in part because of all the great plugins. But then WordPress upgraded, but the plugins did not (sorry for this boring talk!): in short, the site collapsed. A move to a new server, an almost successful restore, and I’m sort of back on track. I must re-post quite a few posts to this blogs (and pray that the wonderful comments come with them). I don’t want to think of the hours and hours of time wasted.

I’m having a hard time discipling myself. This always happens, I notice, after I’ve sent off work to The Task Master. I fall into a despond. I should be working on Part II of The Next Novel, I know; I should be gathering together receipts for taxes; I should be …

And etc.

So what do I do instead? I start a FaceBook “honour roll” of readers who have read my books more than once. It was a whim, but I adore it. Check it out:

Readers rock!

Okay, now I’m going to get at those taxes.