For years I dreamt of having a bookstore, and now I do! It was always going to be named “Words &”—and now it is.

I got the idea from David Abram’s wonderful blog, Book Pregnant. To see his store: click here.

My bookstore is also an Amazon store, simply because Amazon makes it possible. (Note that all of the books are available from other vendors, including IndieBound, but Amazon is the only site that offers this feature at this time.)

Words &: my bookstore!

 And, because my books are available in the US, Canada and the UK and beyond, I couldn’t stop with just one bookstore: I had to create three:

US store above: click here. This is the Mother Ship.

UK (Sandra Gulland INK titles): click here.

Canada (my own titles there): click here.

And, because my research titles are rather a different sort of store: I’m contemplating a fourth.

Let me know what you think. So far, it’s a work-in-progress. Many, many more titles will be added.

It has been great fun setting it up. If you’re inclined to create a bookstore of your own, click here, and Amazon’s Affiliate programme will take you through the steps. Look for the aStore tab. Not hard! If you do create a bookstore, be sure to let me know.

I’ve been having fun with the categories: Fantastic fiction, Historical fiction that awes me;  Wonderful books on writing … It’s a pleasure putting all the books I treasure in one place.

jumbled bookstore

AND … if you buy a book at Words & (how thrilling), let me know that, as well. I’m interested to see how the process works. I understand that there is very little money to be made on books sold through such bookstores, but I like making it possible for readers to easily check out the books I mention on my blogs.