This is going to be a short post, because I’ve had a long and very stimulating day at the San Miguel Writers’ Conference, and another one tomorrow to come.

Tonight, at Barbara Kingsolver’s speech (fantastic!!!), I sat next to a young woman, who told me that she had young children at home in L.A. She was working on a novel, and this was her first time away.

“It’s an important step,” I told her, remembering the first writers’ conference I had gone to in Kingston, Ontario, the kids at home in the care of my hard-working husband. She was making an “investment” (of both time and money) in her desire to be a writer. “You are proclaiming your serious intention to the world.”

Kingsolver’s speech had us both in awe. When it was over, and everyone was standing, gathering their belongings, the young woman was busy, feverishly writing down Kingsolver’s wisdoms. “I am a writer,” she explained to the man sitting next to her.

Following her out through the throngs (of over 800 people!), I thought: Yes, and she’s going to be a good one.