I’ve mentioned here before how much I enjoy Bridget Asher’s blog. I want to live in her world. You’ll understand why: here.

Bridget is the author of The Province Cure for the Broken Hearted, a charming, heart-felt novel I loved. I interviewed her earlier on this blog, throwing back at her her own charming “1/2 dozen” questions that she uses in her own author interviews.

Well, apparently she also offers authors the “Alternate Brutal Variety,” should they choose. Only a certain type of brave soul would go there, for indeed, these question hit below the belt. Karen Salyer McElmurry, author of Surrendered Child (shown above), fits the bill. You’ll find her answers to the Alternate Brutal here.

I love this from Karen:

I’m a literary writer. If my family failed to get this picture—tattooed, former hippy, misplaced mystic—the image of me as a writer with a small audience is hard for them, and sometimes for me. I am a graven image in my own heart, some days.

She also quotes from the book Art and Fear by David Bayles, a book I read some time ago, and which resonated.

He says this: “the function of the overwhelming majority of your artwork is simply to teach you how to make the small fraction of your artwork that soars.”

How true.


Right now on my desk:

• revising the 4th draft (taking a character out, clarifying my central character: her desires, her challenges);

• preparing for a trip to Banff in a week and a half to the Banff Book Discussion Weekend in Alberta—a speech and two readings to prepare, as well as a power point presentation (a first: I apparently like backing myself into things);

• setting in motion an ebook publishing venture of my own (really quite exciting);

• preparation for a family, friend & business trip to N.Y. only a few days after I return from Banff—visit son and his girlfriend, meet with my publisher, hang out with old best friends I haven’t seen in years.

Plus a wonderful family weekend coming up!

Yes: lots.