.My apologies to the followers of this blog. I’ve been consumed with details: reconstruction of my website (hence the new look of this blog), getting out a newsletter (you can see it here, on-line), preparing for the release of the paperback edition of Mistress of the Sun, a blog tour, etc.

Not that there hasn’t been on-going research, I’ll have quite a bit to report in a bit. But for now, a report of Louis XIV in the news. As usual, it’s interesting.

—An article on the sun-burst mirror: here. We happen to have a rather old and extremely large sun-burst mirror in our home in Mexico. I find it interesting (if doubtful) that it may have originated with Louis XIV.

—An article claiming that Louis XIV only bathed himself twice in his life: here. Is this true? I doubt it very much.

This article on the painful medical treatments of the past is quite interesting, but the claim that:

King Louis XIV had over 2,000 enemas during his reign, sometimes holding court while the ceremony progressed.


seems questionable.

And, while I’m in debunking mode, Louis XIV (as well as Napoleon) are credited with saying, “L’etat, c’est moi.” Neither has ever been documented.

Bah! Humbug! More anon.