Am I the last to know?

While researching the family life of Pierre Corneille, the great French dramatist, I discovered that one of his descendants was Charlotte Corday, the 25-year-old woman who stabbed Marat to death on July 13, 1793, while Marat was in his bath.

The geaneology goes like this:

1. Pierre Corneille
2. Marie Corneille (Pierre’s daughter)
3. Françoise de Farcy (Marie’s son)
4. Jacques Adrien de Corday, seigneur de Launay-Cauvigny (Françoise’s son)
5. Jacques François de Corday, seigneur d’Armont (Jacque A’s son)
6. Charlotte Corday (Jacques F.’s daughter)

How bizarre that a writer of tragedy should beget a tragedy.

(Painting: La Mort de Murat by Jacques-Louis David,  1793.)