I have had dealings with Susanne Alleyn for some time. I don’t know how I discovered Tricolour books, an on-line bookstore specializing in French history, but once there, I was hooked. I found something enticing in every mailing. When the time came for me to sell my own beloved collection of Napoleonic books (to make room for books on the Court of the Sun King), I felt good about going to Susanne.

Since that time Tricolour books has changed: they are now Academy Book Store and have a nifty on-line catalogue. Anyone with an interest in history, French history, in particular, although not exclusively, will find lots there of interest.

When Susanne Alleyn isn’t selling books, she’s writing them. She’s the author of a wonderful series of mysteries set during the French Revolution. Her newest novel is The Cavalier of the Apocalypse, due out from St. Martin’s Press July 21, 2009.