This was one very clever marketing pitch from, where I do most of my out-of-print book shopping. I got an email from them linking to this page:

AbeBooks: Courting to Dueling: Antiquated Etiquette Guides.

They must have guessed from my buying history the type of books that would appeal to me (and they were right).

Unfortunately, the one I’m dying to get my hands on—The Complete Servant-Maid or Maiden’s Companion; General Directions to Maid-Servants by Hannah Wolley (published 1720 or so, they say, but written in the late 1600’s)—is, alas, $962.99.

I’m not a collector; I just want to read the text. First I checked Books Google: no luck. (At which point I began grumbling: are etiquette books for ladies not worthy of scanning?)

Then I turned to bonanza. There are a number of reproductions available for under $20.00. Click! I can’t wait to get it.

For more on that enterprising woman, Hannah Woolley (shown above)—the Martha Stewart of her day—begin with Wikipedia.