I was pleased to learn this morning (through a Yahoo group!) the title of the German edition of Mistress of the Sun: Die Sonne des Königs, which I’m told translates as Sun of the King, a title I like. When I googled that title I got 46 hits—all showing the novel available for pre-order. At last I found what I was seeking: an image of the cover, which I rather like. (Although with one concern: the image of the King, from what I can tell—it doesn’t enlarge well—might be from a portrait of him as an old man. I hope not.)

In the process, I discovered a simply hideous cover of Joséphine. (I wonder which of the Trilogy that title would be.) In general, the translated editions have been gorgeous, but this one? Not!

And so: to work. Today I’ve a “guest blog” post to pull together, as well as on-going work on the plot of The Next Novel. It’s the usual push-pull between fact and fiction. I develop a storyline, and then discover a fact that unravels it completely, sending me back to the drawing board. It’s always a puzzle to work out a story within a framework of fact—but it’s a puzzle I enjoy.