Yesterday I was sent an email from Melissa Danaczko, my editor at Doubleday US, with the subject line “cover!” I paused for more than a moment, praying, I confess! “Please, let it be wonderful.”

I had every reason to trust that Melissa—and her team—would produce a wonderful cover, but I’ve experienced a few nasty shocks over the years: a cover showing my blonde heroine with jet-black hair, another of a young woman with her bodice ripped. (No, I do not write bodice-rippers!)

Finally, I opened it, and I am absolutely enchanted:

Shadow Queen

The plan is to emboss the type and screen with gold, which will make it really lush.

Space is left open at the top for a blurb—and I’ve already had some wonderful ones, which I will publish here next.

The interior design is lush, as well:

Title page

Each chapter opens with a baroque letter design.

Don’t you just love it?

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