On Wednesday, in a large auditorium in Kingston, Ontario, I saw Margaret Atwood‘s The Year of the Flood performance. Wow! Each city on this (twenty? thirty?) multi-city international tour puts together it’s own dramatization of the script. I can’t imagine any city doing a more beautiful job than Kingston. (The article in the U.K. Guardian was less than enthusiastic about the London event, alas.)

In Kingston, there was a choir of about twenty, three musicians, three actors: all in wonderful costumes. The choral arrangement of the hymns in the book was spectacular.

Ms. Atwood has hit the ball out of the park, yet again. She’s 70, performing at a different city every night. Kingston was half-way through the tour. She visited organic gardens on arrival in Kingston. After the hour-long performance, she signed books for about an hour, then went to both the cast party and the Kingston WritersFest reception. (I’m told: I was far too tired to stay up that late.) Then, a TV interview the next morning, and off she went on a train for the next pit-stop. I’d like to know how she does it!

I’ve been enjoying Atwood’s blog while on tour: here.