{Illustration from page 7 of Mirror Sense: “Gold. Silver. Diamonds. Words. All that glitters.” The Court of the Sun King in a nutshell.}

I’ve just subcribed — through Google Reader — to Mirror Sense, a delightful on-line visual “novel” set in 17th century France by Phoebe Spanier.

Each page is a nugget — a visual, a poem, a few lines of dialogue. Each page is accompanied by a blog post: the author’s thoughts on history, research, etc. 

It’s absolutely delightful! If you love 17th century French history you will revel in it. You’ll also love it if you’re interested in creative expression, or how that can be enhanced through the Net. 

It’s about the Court of Louis XIV’s desperate need for the clarity of the mirrors only the Venetians know how to achieve. 

“As the royal treasury empties, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the Sun King’s dour finance minister, decides this land of Narcissus must fabricate its own reflection.”

Readers of this blog will especially enjoy this historical post: “10 Reasons to Visit 17th Century Paris.”

I wrote more about this novel and interviewed the author on my writing blog