I’ve been having a wonderful time exploring images on Google. These late-17th century paintings by Nicolas Bonnart are a treasure.

(Left) The Perfumer’s Costume. (Middle) Cleante Dressedsed as a Cavalier. (Right) Lady of Quality Playing the Guitar.

(Left) Gentleman Playing the Angelica. (Middle) Lady Taking Coffee. (Right) The Innkeeper (an allegorical costume design).

(Left) The Summer Sword Dress, 1675. (Middle) The Midwife. (Right) A Woman Seated on the Grass.

(Left) A Nursemaid with Child. (Middle) The Summer City Dress, 1678. (Right) Polichinelle (an Italian comedy figure).

(Left) The Banker, 1678. (Middle) The Dancing Master. (Right) Allegory of Spring.