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Last Tuesday morning there was a terrible tragedy in our peaceful part of the world: an enraged man, recently out on parole, sought out and murdered three of his former girlfriends. Our community is so small that everyone knows someone who knew one of the victims or even the killer. It is hard to comprehend such a loss … impossible to comprehend such rage.

It is also impossible to comprehend a “justice” system that allows a repeat violent offender out on parole without providing any protection whatsoever for the women he’d already abused and threatened.

There was a beautiful vigil for the three on Friday night: it helps to share tears with hundreds (and hundreds) of others.

{Photos posted on-line by the Ottawa Sun.}

I am officially Lost in Plot. Will I ever emerge? I’m not so sure! When I’m not puzzling, I’m painting, or weeding, or reading (Lila), or avoiding getting to taxes. :-(

Here is a painting I finished this week, inspired by a photo I saw on Facebook.



My Sundry Sundae delectable links for the week:


Links for writers …

Different Types of Plot in Fiction, by Kate Forsyth. An interesting summary.

Writing a novel: 8 writing tips from Ursula K. Le Guin. Very practical!

More on the Sun King this week … 

Louis XIV: What France’s Sun King did for art. He was a cultured man.

Links for time travellers …

• The Diaries of Miss Fanny Chapman (beginning in 1807). It’s wonderful to see the Net used to publish such invaluable historical work. “Just before tea time Miss Simms, the daughter of a farmer near Miss Pyne’s, sent her a brace of beautiful partridges.” Don’t you just love it?

Links for just about anyone …

• I’ve been reading Marian Schembari’s blogs for some time. She has an honest vitality and sense of humour that is very engaging. I originally read her because she wrote very astutely about promotion and social media. Now I’ll read whatever she writes. I’m always happy to see a new post by her. Here’s a recent one: My recipe for $800 cupcakes.

Have a great week.