I’ve been remiss on my recaps of Sun Court news. (“Write the novel” takes up a lot of space on the To Do List.) That doesn’t mean that there isn’t quite a bit going on. Here are some short notes:
?Cast in Bronze: French Sculpture from Renaissance to Revolution, a comprehensive exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

?Louis XIV‘s high heels for men are coming back. (I’ve been waiting for this.)

?Alexander Dumas in graphic novel form.

?Pair of Louis XIV coffers-on-stands (circa 1688) bought by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for over 2 1/2 million U.K. pounds (that’s to say: a lot of money).

?A delicious looking recipe for parsnip and pear, Louis XIV’s favorite fruit. I know: this is not of historical interest, but I couldn’t resist. (Time for lunch.)

?Now available on-line (in theory: I haven’t tested it), “Merveilleuse Angélique“, a 1965 movie based on the widely popular Sun Court Angélique novels by Serge and Anne Golon. I doubt that this has Cannes potential.