I was Mother-of-the-Bride last night: such a happy time! Needless to say, I’ve been just a bit preoccupied. Here, at least, are this week’s Sunday Sundries:


For writers …

• The only technique to learn something new. This applies to any passion, and especially to writing.

Write a Plot Outline: The Infographic. This is great.

• What makes authors dress up like clowns? Kathy L. Patrick’s Pulpwood Queens Author Extravaganza. So much fun.

Elevator Pitches. We all hate having to come up with a few sentences to convey the essence of the sprawling novel we’re writing, but I’m afraid it’s important. My agent recommended this CBC podcast, and I’m glad she did.

• What Makes a Hero: Joseph Cambell’s Seminal Monomyth Model for the Eleven Stages of the Hero’s Journey.

• Was this review helpful to you? Hahahaha. Although not so funny to authors. Even one one-star review drags down a book’s sales and upsets a book’s publisher.

For promoters …

• V is for Virtual Tour provides an informative description of a virtual (i.e. blog) tour from The Publishing Bones. (How to set up a blog tour is one of my most visited posts.)

For flâneurs through history …

In and Out of Jane Austen’s Window: people used to walk everywhere.


Laughing at French Smiles and Dentures. This made me laugh!

The Cloister and Accounts Payable. In researching Mistress of the SunI learned that Cloister life was like a mini-world, and woman the capable managers.

For Napoleonistas …

• Pacino dreams of playing Napoleon. I’d love to see this.

Bonaparte: 1769 – 1802, by Patrice Gueniffey (translated by Steven Rendall): a translation of the first in a new, prize-winning two-book biography of Napoleon.

Tweetable Napoleon: a collection of his quotes: a page I’ve just set up on my website.

For readers …

• A memoir I’m relishing now: H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald. A woman falconer takes on the challenge of training a hawk as a way of overcoming grief. Fascinating, and beautifully written.