Happy Mother’s Day, one and all. This is my first “Sunday Sundries.” I come upon many links on the Net I want to share, and this is a way of doing so.


Links on writing …

• This short YouTube video on The Hero’s Journey is well worth watching. (Read this Brain Pickings blog post for more on Joseph Campbell’s story structure.)

• 10 top writing tips and the psychology behind them.

• How to Meditate When You’re Too Busy to Meditate, and Why You Should Care, a post written with writers in mind.

• 5 Things I’ve Learned from Writing a YA Novel, an essay I wrote for Writer Unboxed.

• The Terror of Last-Minute Revision: Confessions of an Editor-turned-Novelist, an essay for The Savvy Reader.

Links of interest to all us research nerds …

• Just for a smile: Scary hair towers.

• A wonderful historical blog: “All Things Georgian.”

Links for Napoleonatics … 

• Madame Campan’s Academy, a play about Hortense, the subject of the YA novel I’m writing. The opening promotion goes like this:

[blackquote] You think your life is challenging? Imagine your stepfather is Napoleon Bonaparte!

That’s so good. (If only I had thought of it.)

• I love this movie of kids enacting the life of Napoleon.