(Cover of Do the Work by Steven Pressfield, an excellent and motivating book on writing. “Send!”)

I dreamt last night that I was tilling new ground. It was hard going, shovel-load by shovel-load, turning the hard, caked earth. Slowly, I worked the edges, moving toward the centre. I thought: it’s hard clots; I will have to break it down further. I will have to add mulch.

I woke realizing that that was a perfect metaphor for what I’m doing now, preparing the ground for writing about Hortense.

Of course I then got completely distracted by another sort of digging: revision of this website. There’s nothing quite like HMTL to get one’s brain in a knot.

And now: getting ready to leave for the beach for two weeks, taking my thick stack of plot index cards with me. And my computer, of course, with the amazing Mac plot software Aeon Timeline on it. (More on that later.)

So: off to clear the desk and finish packing. I leave you with this:


I especially love #10: Creativity is subtraction. What do you think?