What really impressed my 28-year-old son? My book on the best-seller list? NO: My Tweets making a Mashable list.

I haven’t been Twittering for long—since January, perhaps?

For those of you who don’t know Twitter, it’s a social networking site where posts can only be 140 characters long (as I recall): i.e. short. Obviously not conducive to big words, much less sentences—much less serious thought.

The Hummingbird's Daughter

But it’s fun, rather in the manner of a hot ping-pong match. In fact, it’s become rather too much fun, I’m afraid (as in addictive). Luis Alberto Urrea, for example, author of The Hummingbird’s Daughtera novel I love—regularly posts, plus a host of other writers and publishing-related folk. I’m star-struck. I admit it.

So today I got four Tweets in a row from Susan McKinney, a writer friend in San Miguel: Did you know … ?!?

Apparently I’d made a list of authors on Twitter.

Oh? (So?)

I found the list, but it took some time to find myself. (Way at the bottom, under Miscellaneous—annoying.) But the list itself was interesting. “Literary Tweets: 100+ of the Best Authors on Twitter,” put out by Mashable, which I’d only vaguely heard of.

I emailed my son, Net Guru in NYC. He immediately wrote back: Oh. My. God. This may be the coolest thing (in my books) you’ve done!

Which woke me up a bit. Really? Not the best-seller list, but a Mashable list?

And so, I have to admit, it has been quite a day. If you’re at all inclined, come Twitter with me in the “Twitterverse.” I’m at:


Now that I’m official, I’m going to endeavour to Tweet in a more —ahem—literary manner.

(And perhaps, when I’m dawdling writing The Next Novel, you might ask: “Too much time on Twitter, Madame Author?”)