I’m thrilled that the UK is gracing their “tenner” with a portrait of Jane Austen. [Shocking and upsetting update: the young woman who spearheaded this is being massively harassed by threats of rape on Twitter. As in 50 an hour. Sign the petition to get Twitter to make it easier to report abuse.]


I’m coming to think of this as my Jane Austen summer. In addition to a biography and books about Jane Austen, I just finished reading every word of the massively annotated Harvard edition of Pride & Prejudice.


Immediately I ordered a second, Persuasion



It’s hard to express what a delight these massive editions are. This video gives you a sense of the richness of it:


For me, as a researcher, the scholarly annotations provide a wealth of fascinating information into the daily life of the period. 

In short: heaven


Update: I’m slowing reading (and correcting) the “first pass” of THE SHADOW QUEEN: that is, the typeset script. I have to say: it’s a pleasure. I’m pleased. 

I believe I’ve showed the cover before. I love it more and more:

Shadow Queen

I’m also daily writing the YA about Hortense de Beauharnais, Josephine’s daughter. I’m at 40,000 words now, about half-way. 

In a few days I’m heading to the Napoleonic Congress in Toronto to give a talk on the documentary about Josephine. 

And then back home to sport with friends and family. Happy summer, everyone!

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